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World Gin day 2020

Gin lovers of the world get ready as World Gin Day returns on Saturday 13th June 2020!

World Gin Day is in its 12th year celebrating all things gin on the second Saturday in June. The idea is simple: get people all around the world to drink gin, in a cocktail, G&T or neat, whatever takes your fancy.

Michael Hall, director at Urban Rhino Gin said:

“World Gin Day is a special annual event for us gin lovers and it is a great opportunity to showcase the unique botanical profile of Urban Rhino Gin. Our slow maceration process provides a full flavour and exceptional smoothness that our customers have come to expect”.

Making uncompromisingly quality premium gin is of course of the utmost importance in the Urban Rhino Gin brand philosophy, but the plight and conservation of these majestic beasts from which it lends its name is high up on the agenda. Michael went on to say,

“Raising awareness in the conservation of the Rhino has always been an integral part of our brand ethos, not only in finding ways to help protect the species from extinction, but also looking at ways we can support the people and communities surrounding the Rhinos natural habitat that can play an important role in the effort”.

World Gin Day will be different this year. In the midst of COVID-19 global pandemic, gin drinkers are taking to virtual gatherings to share their gin of choice and those drinking Urban Rhino London Dry Gin will be no different. World Gin Day is a day of celebration, whereby for one day we can all forget the challenges of social distancing, and by the wonders of technology enjoy our favourite tipple with our friends, and if we can contribute to such a worthy cause, well cheers to that!

Don’t forget to order your own bottle of Urban Rhino to help celebrate the event!


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  • 9th June 2020
    Katrina Arnett

    I have just purchased a bottle of rhino gin , it’s delicious and would recommend it